Ivan Gabrić

President of the Management Board,
Chief Executive Officer

Ivan Gabrić has been working in the ICT sector for almost thirty years, with the last nineteen years in management positions. Thanks to his wealth of business experience, Ivan Gabrić is well acquainted with the IT industry and the regional market. He worked on developing complex ICT services and solutions for several different industries for many years. Throughout his career, he worked on developing technological business solutions and marketing services, and he was, and he is, always committed to the development of experts and young talents in his teams.

Snježana Stanković

Member of the Management Board,
Chief Financial Officer

Board of Finance position within IN2 Group is a natural continuation of Snjezana’s rich experience as a chief financial officer in foreign-owned IT company as well as a ten-year auditing experience in one of the leading consulting firms.

Sanja Svilokos

Member of the Management Board,
Chief Business Officer

Sanja Svilokos has spent her entire career in technology companies, where she developed in engineering professional jobs, through project management, all the way to management positions. Sanja has worked in IN2 Group since 2017, coming to the position of director for research and development of new digital solutions. She actively participated in the transformation of the company and working on expanding business and growth of IN2 Group. Since 1 January 2022, she is the member of the Management Board.

More than 30 years with you​

Digitization projects of Croatian healthcare, justice, maritime transport, commercial economic IT projects, as well as projects in the fields of insurance and finance, which facilitate the daily life and work of our citizens and business entities, are the greatest achievement of IN2 group.