IN2 Group’s most important activity is the implementation of own solutions into users’ information systems. The company has a long experience in the area and can adapt its own solutions to almost any special requirement by users, even to the level that it can be said that the efficiency of the solution is comparable to solutions tailor-made for users.

  • INsurance2 – solution supporting insurance company operations. INsurance2 was IN2 Group’s first product, launched in 1997.
  • INvest2 – comprehensive solution for the management of financial assets and risks
  • IN2 BI – IN2’s business intelligence system making it possible to have a comprehensive view of business through predefined performance indicators and reports for the analysis of sales, procurement, and logistics as well as finance and accounting
  • IN2standby – solution for Oracle Standby database securing high availability, data protection, and information system crash recovery
  • IN2 ADF – programming framework for a faster and easier development of applications based on the ADF technology

More than 30 years with you​

Digitization projects of Croatian healthcare, justice, maritime transport, commercial economic IT projects, as well as projects in the fields of insurance and finance, which facilitate the daily life and work of our citizens and business entities, are the greatest achievement of IN2 group.