10. 12. 2020.

WinDays20: IGEA’s Case Study lecture on the topic of migrating a complex .NET Framework application to .NET Core

At this year's WinDays online format, Davor Vučina from IGEA was one of 60 speakers who discussed security, collaboration tools, AI and DevOps, but also topics that are important for entrepreneurs, such as providing a better business environment in Croatia and investing in startups.

Years of IN2 Group’s and IGEA’s experience and work on complex projects of development and migration of various types of applications to new technologies provides an inexhaustible source of examples to point out cases where migration is a necessity to improve performance and user experience, as well as to identify cases where migration is impossible or unprofitable. Davor Vučina, software engineer at IGEA, held a lecture at WinDays on the migration of a complex .NET Framework application (Windows server) to .NET Core (Linux).

One of the main features of .NET Core, in addition to open source, is the support of various computer platforms and operating systems. Davor used a practical example, an IN2 Group project for prison and probation systems, to show the migration process and possible obstacles that arise when transferring a complex C # project from the .NET Framework to the .NET Core. Participants were able to see how the project based on the CSLA framework and Entity Framework was migrated, and how WCF services were replaced so that ASP.NET web applications could migrate from Windows to Linux Server.

For more on case management solutions such as the Prison Administration Management System that served as a case study in Davor’s lecture, see the IGEA website

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