08. 07. 2019.

We participated in the project of creating the largest and most up-to-date base of business information info.BIZ

Financijska agencija (Fina) recently launched a new service – info.BIZ - a business search engine and business information system. Project development and delivery of software solutions were carried in partnership by IN2 and Insite.

Choosing a quality business partner is certainly a challenge for businesses. In doing so, information on the rating and credit rating movement for potential partners, status of blockade (current and in time), size and number of employees and market in which they operate are of great help in predicting risks that can be expected in operating with a particular subject.

With the desire to provide customers with a high-quality solution to these problems and enable quick and easy way to access information and compare data of entrepreneurs and the Croatian economy as a whole, Fina has presented us with customer requirements. With the establishment of system and application software, the project also included educating employees for everyday work and supporting external users.

The project was characterized by intense and constant co-operation with Fina’s business and technical teams. In order to fully meet customer requirements and provide the best solution to end users, we held multiple weekly workshops according to project phases, especially in phases of analysis, testing, and education with a range of presentations.

What is interesting to point out, and it was one of the major challenges of the project, was certainly the integration of 30+ different data sources, as well as unification of data at business entity level and presentation of its changes in the previous 5 years. Particular attention is given to the presentation of financial data for a wide range of entities such as entrepreneurs, financial institutions, non-profit organizations, state budget beneficiaries and insolvent entities, as well as the calculation of financial indicators for entrepreneurs. Also, Fina's service is more distinctive than others because it involves constant streamlining of new data and online access to base Fina Blokade."

Marijana Mirčeta Pavešić, voditelj projekta, IN2

Featured functionalities of the service are also bilingualism and ability to compare one's own subject to another entity or group of subjects with respect to several applied filters. Business entities can be analyzed on an interactive map, filtered by interactive map, different email and SMS notifications, such as blockbustings and blockbars, can be set up, as well as for ratings changes, bankruptcy, surrender and renewal GFI forms etc.

One of the things we love the most in our business is the pleasure we feel after another successfully completed project. The whole IN2 and Insite team were proud to see that after a year of intense work, the solution saw the light of the day in May this year. Since then, info.BIZ provides an insight into information on business performance and financial position of all business entities and business environment in which they operate. It is the largest and most powerful business information database for more than 775,000 business entities. It displays address and financial information, ratings and business performance indicators for different types of legal entities. In the first two months, almost 2,000 users were registered in the system and easily accessed many business data and information in real time. Updated data are available 24/7 and there is no interruption in the work in order to refresh.

"Project Manager Dragutin Kovačić, Business Team Leader Vesna Kavur and Technical Team Leader Žaneta Pejić find the cooperation successful, and view IN2 and Insite as trusted business partners in the development of complex business solutions. Years of experience that Fina in providing reliable information to the users combined with expertise of IN2 and Insite partners has resulted in info.BIZ service that aims to provide all relevant information in one place."

Project management team, Fina

info.BIZ enables faster, simpler and safer business decision making, systematic customer tracking, facilitates business analysis, tracking trends and recognizing market potentials.

And finally, if you want to try Fina's new business search engine you can do it for free because it can be done in the START package for 30 days. We already have, and the search engine is available here: info.BIZ. Enjoy the search 😊

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