12. 02. 2019.

We joined the project of reforestation of the burnt areas in Dalmatia

It is customary in holiday season to show appreciation to our customers and partners for good co-operation. In 2018, we had decided to do something different: instead of traditional holiday gifts, we opted for participation in a community work. We asked our customers and partners to choose a project for donations of the funds intended for the purchase of gifts. 

We jointly selected Boranka, a project for reforestation of the burnt areas in Dalmatia organized by the Scouts Croatia.  

The biggest humanitarian reforestation in Croatia gathered numerous companies and organizations last year who joined in not only by donation or sponsorship, but by volunteering in planting as well. 

Our teams will have the opportunity to volunteer in reforestations planned for the fall - and we have already began with organizations within the IN2 Group. 

We leave it to you to learn more about Boranka. It may inspire you to join in personally :)
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