14. 11. 2019.

Valuable contribution of IN2 to project setting up central vaccination registry

IN2 Healthcare Sector participates in Croatian central vaccination registry set up .

Ministry of Healthcare launched a project to set up the Center for submitting, distribution and monitoring of vaccination stock for the Republic of Croatia (eCEZDLIH) as well as Central eVaccination Chart (eCIJEPIH). These are the preparatory activities in setting up the central vaccination registry in each EU country, in order to make these data available to healthcare workers outside the country borders.  

Healthcare Sector successfully played their role in this project together with Cuspis and IN-CON, contributing to connecting pilot hospitals – Dr. Tomislav Budak General Hospital in Koprivnica, Zabog General Hospital and Croatian Veterans’ Hospital - to the central program solution in order to enable exchange of information on vaccination.  

Main benefits of this solution include traceability of vaccination in Croatia, which is especially important in case of vaccination series recall or mass side effects of vaccination, upgrade in the process of submitting, distributing and consumption of vaccination, as well as vaccination stock, introduction of vaccination chart and e-service in eCitizens system which will hold the base of received vaccinations for each citizen.

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