08. 02. 2019.

Technical Assistance to the Croatian Bureau of Statistics (CBS/DZS) Project Completed

The ceremony on the occasion of the completion of the Technical Assistance to the Croatian Bureau of Statistics Project worth EUR 139,000 was held today at the Europe House Zagreb.

Its implementation lasted from February 2017 to February 2019. The contracting authority was the Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFCA-SAFU), and the project was implemented for the Croatian Bureau of Statistics. It was funded from the Transitional Instruments of the European Union for the Republic of Croatia, and the contractor was a software company IN2.

The full title of the project is "Technical assistance to the Croatian Bureau of Statistics and the area of ​​official statistics - a system for the protection of confidential statistical data and customer relationship management." It consisted of two components - one is related to the protection of confidential statistical data, and the other to customer relationship management processes.

As part of the first component, the guidelines for the protection of table and micro data, as well as the protected databases for Public Use Files (PUF) and Scientific Use Files (SUF) for three researches were developed: Tourist activity of the citizens of the Republic of Croatia in 2016, Research on adult education in 2016, and Census 2011.

In the second component, the emphasis was on the analysis of customer relationship management and customer group analysis and their needs, based on which a specification was developed that would serve as a basis for procurement of CRM systems. The CRM system will represent the IT platform for continuing to improve the quality of customer relations as the basis for improving the dissemination of statistical data - one of the main tasks of Croatian statistical system.

The goal of the CBS is to strengthen its administrative capacities through these activities, improve cooperation with users of official statistics, and ensure the continuation of the development of macroeconomic, business and social statistics.

"We have, so far, been partners with CBS in spatial and statistical data dissemination projects. In addition to CRM system we know well, we have also entered a new segment of business and expertise in the area of specialized data protection with this project.

EU co-funded projects are characterized by strict and clear tender rules and high quality project performance, which we highly appreciate as IT professionals. This is the fifth project from the CFCA program in technical execution by IN2 that we have successfully completed in the last six months.

I would like to thank the Croatian Bureau of Statistics for partnership, high professionalism and engagement on this project. Also, I want to thank the client – the Central Finance and Contracting Agency, prof. Mirjana Pejić Bach as an external expert, and, of course, my IN2 colleagues."
                                Katarina Šiber Makar, President of the Board of the IN2 Group