30. 07. 2019.

Bjelovar - a paperless city

The City of Bjelovar implements the digitization of almost one hundred business processes in cooperation with the software company IN2.

The City of Bjelovar has started to create complete digital documents. This is just one of the many visible signs that Bjelovar is becoming a smart city through a systematic approach and continues to digitize the city administration process.

Digitization of business processes enables transparency, simplifies the day-to-day activities of employees and shortens the time required to execute business processes in the classic way. All employees of the City can at any time monitor where their documents are (requests, approvals, etc.), and the mayor can monitor the status of all processes and react in a timely manner in case of irregularities in the business process. For example, if the document is too long in the approval phase, waits for a long time to sign, or tasks delegated to employees are too slow, it may be possible to react and speed up the slow or stopped process. This ultimately enhances and accelerates the City’s interaction with citizens. Documents can be digitally signed and archived, which reduces the cost of printing, and the mayor will also be allowed to sign digitally via a mobile device.

For managing work of digitized documents and automatization business processes, The City of Bjelovar uses the IN2 solution eUprava, which is tailored to its specifics. eUprava has been developed keeping in mind the flexibility, adaptation of city governments to existing and planned business processes and legal regulations. This solution enables the integration of existing city business systems to digitize, accelerate and standardize business processes. The implementation of eUprava reduces the administrative costs of administrative departments and services and speeds up and facilitates business among all participants in the processes.

With the implementation of new technology in business, changes have been brought about by the new system, whereby the user has shown exceptional will and enthusiasm for adapting to new business processes, and we use this opportunity to express our gratitude for the successful cooperation.

The City of Bjelovar is planning to continue this project by connecting the eUprava system with the eForms, which will become a new channel of communication for Bjelovar with citizens. For example, the "Baby Form", whose introduction for new parents means that they will not have to stand in rows and fill out physical forms to apply for, for example, entitlement to assistance for a newborn child in the family.

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