22. 03. 2019.

IN2 team wins Case study competition

Seven leading Croatian companies participated in a challenge to solve a demanding business case in 24 hours on traditional IEDC Alumni klub Hrvatska Case study competition. After the final presentations, jury announced that the winners are IN2 team - Igor Čeranić, Irena Trbušić, Irma Valčić, Martina Martinčić, Petra Pušić and Krešimir Cindrić - with the most thorough approach, balanced analysis and solution proposal.

„We are very glad that we had the opportunity to participate in this contest, have fun, challenge ourselves in new areas and gain new experiences. The biggest challenge was a very demanding task, limited time and tough competition from big Croatian companies like A1, Končar, Croatia osiguranje, Styria, Perpetuum Mobile and JGL. We had to find a way to make a profitable solution for already brought, expensive business decisions, and kept facing nearly insurmountable obstacles on the way. Unburdened by imperative to win, we worked as a team to find the best strategy, and won in the end“, commented IN2 team members.

Winners of the Croatian contest will compete against winners from Romania, Russia, Slovenia and Serbia on IEDC Global Case study competition in September 2019.

IEDC Alumni klub Croatian gathers graduates from IEDC-Business School Bled in order to promote business education and life-long learning among young managers. Croatian alumni club organized first such contest in 2008, and it has become a tradition with extraordinary success and great interest.

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