11. 03. 2019.

IN2 and Microsoft for a more efficient healthcare

IN2 grupa and Microsoft Slovenia signed a memorandum of understanding in Portorož which joins them in dedication towards digital transformation of Slovenian healthcare system. General Director Barbara Domicelj signed the memorandum on behalf of Microsoft Slovenia, while IN2 was represented by Denis Jašarević, Healthcare Sector Executive Director.

IN2 grupa founded a consortium with Sicom Ljubljana, Pošta Slovenije and Spanish partner Tich Consulting bringing verified and proved solutions needed to successfully implement digital transformation of healthcare systems. The consortium this offers integral solution for Slovenian healthcare institutions – hospital information system, completely localized business information system with complete infrastructure renewal in private cloud.

Microsoft’s business model is based on cooperation with partners, enabling the company to connect their technologies and platforms tested in the most challenging environments with specific knowledge of the partners, their experiences and local market knowledge.

Key benefits of solution offered by this consortium are directed both at healthcare system and patients. They include availability and quality of medical services, efficient use of healthcare system resources as well as improved communication, inclusion of the patient and their better understanding of medical treatment process. The solution takes advantage of technical advancements in managing big data and use of artificial intelligence to secure preconditions for fast and accurate diagnosis and consequently acceleration of patient treatment. Finally, implementation of advanced information systems helps detect system (in)efficiencies and avoid expensive errors in treatment. Additionally, they assist hospital management in bringing more informed decisions.

IN2 and Microsoft have a successful long-term cooperation. IN2 grupa therefore has four Microsoft Partner Silver and three Microsoft Partner Gold certificates, and has been awarded by the prestigious Microsoft partner of the Year award for solutions in healthcare segment.

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