15. 11. 2019.

GeoHrvatska portal: Now anyone can easily find, understand and use spatial data

GeoHrvatska portal, joint effort by GIS team of IGEA, member of IN2 Group and State Geodetic Administration, was presented within Spatial Data Infrastructure Days.

As the national contact point for INSPIRE in Croatia, State Geodetic Administration is responsible for management, development and implementation od National Infrastructure of Spatial Data (NIPP). Implementation and development of NIPP is primarily directed at producers of spatial data, i.e. NIPP subjects and other professional users of this type of data. Additionaly, the State Geodetic Administration recognized a need for education of citizens, end users of spatial data, about NIPP. GeoHrvatska portal was developed having in mind just this. Newly developed portal enables citizens to simply and intuitively find, understand and use spatial data, which puts NIPP vision into practice.

GeoHrvatska portal provides opportunity for the user to explore and get to know the surrounding space of their location, and use it in a more quality way. With the help of the application, and in accordance to the selected topics – Environmental Quality, Land, Nature Around Me, Leisure, Protected Areas, Nearby Pollution – everyone can find out more about the air quality, level of noise, position of mobile operators’ base stations, and other valuable spatial data, which are also official data of NIPP subjects.

For a number of years, IGEA has been cooperating with SGA on different projects and development of spatial data use. Experience of GIS experts has been entwined deeply into this portal, creating GeoHrvatska as another step in the advancement of spatial data use. The end goal is to include increasing number of subjects and their data into the portal, increasing its attractiveness, quality and usefulness for a series of different users, and to include all Croatia’s spatial data and make them available to citizens.  

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