07. 06. 2020.

Even when it comes to large and complex systems digitalization can be done quickly

Digital Chamber, the information and communication platform of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, was presented to the public on Thursday. The realization of the project is a joint effort of a consortium of partners IN2 and Atos.

The basis of the Digital Chamber project is a unique communication platform for e-services that will bring many benefits to the Chamber, its members, and citizens. Digital Chamber brings greater efficiency and availability of a significant part of the existing human resources, which will enable the Croatian Chamber of Commerce to be confirmed as the leading economic institution in the region. For the end-user, this system offers a large number of opportunities for business development, education, and networking, and for the Chamber itself, it represents a level of digitalization that will simplify and facilitate daily business and cooperation with members.

For those of us who have dealt with the development side of the Digital Chamber, this project is very special in several aspects.

First is a large and complex system architecture that interweaves our standardized IN2 products (IN2bpm, e-Office, e-Consulting, IGEO) with third-party systems (Alfresco DMS, Moodle LMS, MS BizTalk integration platform, MS SQL Server central database, Drupal CMS ) and custom-development modules that connect it all into business units. Digital Chamber includes a part of the system that will be used by public users (members, registered and unregistered users) and a part that will be used by employees of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (back-office).

The complexity of the system itself implied a large scope of work and the challenge was a relatively short deadline for a project of this complexity. Therefore, we have gathered several teams specializing in each of the business units of the system fully dedicated to the development of this platform, with continuous coordination. It is important to say that the realization of this platform is a joint effort of a consortium of partners, IN2 and Atos, and our subcontractors, Perpetuum, Helix, and Algebra.

"I would like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the IN2 teams that spent the final phase of the project, usually the most turbulent, in remote work due to the pandemic and earthquake, circumstances that are familiar to all of us. Without previous preparation, more than forty people completed the project by working from home without interruption.

The circumstances in which we have found ourselves in the past few months have quickly forced us to adapt our daily lives and business to digital channels. While such an occasion is not something we wanted and hoped for, this situation has nevertheless shown that digitalization is the future of every kind of value creation and exchange. In that sense, I am glad that this platform will become an example and a new point of fast and modern business for all Croatian companies."

Nikica Škunca, President of the Management Board of IN2 Group

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