15. 04. 2020.

Court register extract now available online

The Ministry of Justice, in collaboration with the IN2 Group, has provided all users with the service of downloading a court registry excerpt via the Internet.

Following the launch of the START e-Founding service in early December, e-Excerpt is another in a series of digital services delivered to the public by the Ministry of Justice in collaboration with IN2.

The excerpt contains information about a single enrollee that is valid or has been valid at some point, and there are multiple options for an active and historical e-Statement, depending on the need for its use in legal transactions. Court fees are paid online by card using the Public Charges System. The excerpt may be downloaded immediately upon payment from the court registry page or through the link provided by the applicant to the email address given in the request. It can be downloaded for all entities registered in the court registry, regardless of whether the entity was established online or offline.

Read more about Court Register e-Extract.

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