18. 07. 2017.

INvest2 system website for financial property management launched

IN2 Group has launched a new website intended for detailed presentation and description of Asset&Risk Management solution - INvest2.

It is a modular system, designed to automate and enhance business requirements of Front, Middle and Back Office business segments.

The INvest2 solution has the leading position in the region, with a large number of implementations in the world of financial assets management - in investment and pension funds, private portfolios and treasury management departments, custodians, brokerages and insurers.

"The growing complexity of financial instruments and regulatory frameworks of the capital market has resulted in significant functional expansion of the INvest2 system, and we have decided to offer an additional source of information in the form of product web to existing and potential customers," said Siniša Gjerek, Project Manager at IN2.

More information can be found at INvest2.eu