21. 07. 2017.

IN2 group won a project for developing the information system for environment in Slovenia

IN2 Group’s companies IN2, Igea and IN2 Koper won the competition for the development of the information system Environment 1.1. worth EUR 987,000.

The client is the Slovenian Environment Agency, and the contract was signed on 7 July 2017. The project duration is 12 months, and Slovenian company IPMIT will be engaged as a subcontractor.

The aim of the project is to implement centralized access to environmental data. IN2's task is to develop, establish and implement a national information system that will enable a more efficient procedures of issuing environmental permits, to gather and publish environmental data and display them in space. The new system will be connected to the main Register for Environmental Protection and other registries, to ensure the consistency and timeliness of data managed by the state-level agency.

To ensure better quality and public availability of environmental data, the system will provide an integral picture of the state of the environment by integrating various data from existing components of the environmental information system, such as the Environmental Atlas of Slovenia. In the context of public access to areal information, new areal layers of IED and SEVESO environmental permits that cover the air, water, noise and waste management intended for industrial facilities will be created in the Atlas.

IS Environment 1.1. will also increase the efficiency of business process performance, so that advanced information and communication technologies contribute to optimization and acceleration of administrative procedures, including support for business process informatization in the area of the aforementioned IED and SEVESO permits.