Who we are?

Croatian software company founded in 1992 with headquarters in Zagreb. Today, we operate in 6 countries of Southeast Europe as IN2 group, through 12 member companies. Company profile...

What we do?

We develop complex custom IT solutions, implement and maintain our own software solutions and services, as well as our partners software applications in order to help our clients to manage and improve their business.

Career in IN2 Group

Challenging projects, creative environment and humane approach to employees are some of the reasons to start a career in IN2.

Hospital Days 2015

Soon after spreading out portfolio to software for drones, we are organising DRONEfest - first first business conference about unmanned aerial vehicles in Croatia. More details available on our web page dronefest.in2.hr


  • Experience: 23 years
  • Employees: 550
  • Projects: 300+
  • Clients: 200+
  • Present in 7